Owner of Sunset Gower Studios’ Stage Cafe Talks Runaway Production, Importance of Film Biz

Posted on October 26, 2011 by


Earlier this year, Film Works paid a visit to the beutiful and historic Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood to interview Larry Laboe, co-founder of SXM and the Executive Director of NewFilmakers L.A..  During that interview (available HERE),  Larry introduced us to Allan Jones, a proud member of IATSE Local 80 who saw an opportunity to become a small business owner a few years ago and took it. 

Allan, possessed with the entreprenurial spirit that drives the American economy, poured his heart, soul and life savings into becoming a successful small business owner.  We caught up with Allan just as he and the Stage Cafe staff were preparing dinner for the cast and crew of “Dexter”, which tapes on the lot. 

In the video, Allan talks about becoming a small business owner, the importance of the film industry to the economy, and the challenges of trying to grow a small business during a period of rampant runaway production.  Below the video of Allan’s interview, we also included our earlier interview with Chef Robert Motion Picture Catering Company.  Like Allan, Chef Robert also discusses the economic impact just his business has on the local economy.