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I Support Filming in Los Angeles Because….

March 30, 2011 by


“One of the things that’s getting very lost in the business of movies, where people go… very often to Canada to shoot films… is that we lose the ability to capture parts of our own culture.” — Director James Mangold (Director’s Commentary, Walk the Line) As it turns out, many of the Film Works supporters […]

Culver City’s Century Studio Corp. Struggles Against Runaway Production

March 29, 2011 by


Tucked into the recesses of a Culver City office park are several nondescript buildings, which might seem like unlikely places to house several sound stages, much less stages used for some of California’s most well-known and critically acclaimed productions.  But like so much in “Hollywood”, looks can be deceiving. Housed in the buildings pictured above […]

California Assembly Hearing Touts Impact of State’s Film Incentive on Job Creation and Runaway Production

March 23, 2011 by


On March 18, 2011, representatives from Film Works attended an informal hearing held by California State Assembly Member Anthony J. Portantino about the California Film & Television Tax Credit and its effect on runaway production.  Appropriately held in the City of Pasadena’s City Council Chambers (a popular shooting location), the two-hour hearing drew a large […]

California’s Film Incentive Doesn’t Help the A-List Oscar Crowd, It Helps Keep Below-the-Line Workers from Being “Left Behind”

March 18, 2011 by


The March 1, 2011 edition of the Los Angeles Times featured an editorial by Michael Kinsley, which he wrote in response to former New Mexico Bill Richardson’s recent op/ed in the New York Times. While Kinsley, who is opposed to state film incentives, raises some good points, we at Film Works just have to take […]

Film Works: A Week of Sightings; Campaign Continues Push For New Supporters

March 15, 2011 by


There has been in explosion in the number of Film Works “sightings” happening around town!  Here is a compilation of some of the best sightings in the past week: This picture was sent to us courtesy of Ray Bindenost of Chef Robert Motion Picture Catering, whose employees now wear these tee-shirts when working on location: […]

Film Works Posters Attracting Attention in L.A., Campaign Asking Supporters to Help Spread Awareness

March 9, 2011 by


Starting March 1, Film Works posters began appearing at Los Angeles-area bus shelters and public information kiosks.  The campaign just printed more than 400 posters — dozens of which are already up, spreading awareness of the campaign and the Film Works web site.  The next time you’re out for a walk or a drive, look […]

“Left Behind” Photo Campaign Puts Face on Film & Television Workers Impacted by Runaway Production

March 4, 2011 by


Every time a production leaves California, thousands of film and television workers in the state are not able to leave with it.  Quite literally, they are left behind.  Wanting to put a face on the thousands of workers affected by runaway production, IATSE Local 80, working with political consultant Richie Ross and others, had the […]