Film Works Weekly Wrap Up

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Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Wrap Up.  Here are some updates and news about the progress of the campaign….

But first, here is a preview of some of the awesome Film Works “sightings” supporters sent in during the last two weeks:

Make sure to read until the end of the post to see who the sighting of the week belongs to!

Bumper Stickers Still Available!  Get One Today!:

Speaking of sightings….

As reported last week, the popular 10-inch Film Works bumper stickers are now back in stock.  Don’t wait until we run out again of this second printing!  To get one sent to you, simply email your name and address to  It’s just that simple!

Film Works Representatives Meet With L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti:

Late last week, representatives from Film Works met with L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti to discuss the campaign and make arrangements for hundreds of Film Works signs to be displayed on information kiosks, bus shelters and other locations around the city to further increase public awareness of the campaign.  Council President Garcetti has been a key supporter of the campaign and has been instrumental in ensuring complete cooperation with various city departments assisting Film Works efforts.  His leadership helps make Film Work in L.A.!

Film Works At Los Angeles Student Media Festival:

On February 12, representatives from Film Works & FilmL.A. had the honor and pleasure of attending the first annual Los Angeles Student Media Festival, which was hosted by L.A. City Councilmember Paul Krekorian.  Film Works would also like to congratulate  the winners of the Los Angeles Student Media Festival.  The inspiration and motivation of the festival included the following:

The festival celebrates their innovative work and the creative spirit inherent in public and private high school students throughout Los Angeles.  By providing a unique outlet, the festival will help inspire students to invest in their craft and grow as artists, encouraging the development of Los Angeles’ next generation of filmmakers.

We also had the pleasure of sharing promotional space with Shoot Movies in California, which along with Film Works and FilmL.A., was recognized for contributing to the event on the festival’s web site:

We would also like to acknowledge our sponsors – AT&T and Wells Fargo – who helped make the festival possible. We also want to thank FilmL.A., Film Works L.A., Ed Gutentag’s Shoot Movies in California and everyone else who helped ensure a near flawless event.

Film Works is looking forward to attending this event next year!

Some of the Weeks Best Film Works “Sightings”:

There have been some great Film Works sightings in recent weeks…

First up is this pic of a crew member at Quixote Studios placing a large Film Works bumper sticker on the back of one of their trucks.  Thanks to the generosity of JCL Barricade, most of Quixote’s fleet is now able to show support for the campaign!  Way to go to both JCL and Quixote!   

Speaking of JCL, a Film Works staffer took the following picture on Interstate 5 earlier this week:

In fact, the sighting(s) of the week all go to JCL!  Check out the pictures they sent Film Works of their fleet!:

If you see a Film Works sign out in the wild, snap a pic and send it in!

Until then, have a safe President’s Day weekend, everyone!

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